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You Can Change Your Life Today With Hypnosis Downloads and BWE

Will hypnosis downloads, isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment help with depression, dating, self-confidence, weight loss, stop smoking, or any other issue? The answer is a resounding YES!

Don Brown and White SmilingNicole Pink TopI’m Don Nenninger, and with my wife Nicole Nenninger work in private practice with clients world-wide. We both have advanced graduate degrees in psychology (Psy.M.) and help our clients enjoy better relationships, more confidence, and more abundance by using various types of counseling, coaching, and hypnosis programs.  One of the most effective tools we’ve used in our practice over the last 20 years is contained in a series of hypnosis downloads we developed which are proven to work!

Hypnosis downloads develop your ability to reprogram your subconscious mind. This allows you to enter and maintain your optimal state.

Why is it important to bypass your conscious mind? Because the conscious mind contains your harshest critic (see this article)! The conscious mind is wonderful at tasks like balancing a checkbook, taking care of lists, and keeping a tally, the conscious mind is not as good at embracing intuition and implementing more positive behaviors. Why? Because the primary function of the mind/ego is to maintain the status quo! The conscious mind is designed to keep things the same even when a new and better way would bring more into your life.

Hypnosis is the tool that allows access to your optimum state-you can’t consciously “think” your way there!

How important are the unconscious intuitions you receive?

Ask Albert!

power of intuitionThe optimum state of life exists when your psychological & physical states are balanced to remove self-limiting conscious beliefs you hold as “truth” about what you’re capable of.

That’s so important to your growth!  You let go of what doesn’t work and tap into your subconscious intuition and personal strengths. By accessing this all-knowing part of yourself, you reach incredible and vast amounts of inner strength you can now use to meet the challenging parts of your life.

Here is a terrific example of how hypnosis can help:

Do you know someone who experiences anxiety? This feeling of anxiety represents the conditioned and conscious response to certain stimuli and thoughts. This is the mind/ego conscious response. Your subconscious doesn’t have this fear.  Through the use of hypnosis, you can access this powerful part of yourself so that you can exist absent of the overwhelming fear of anxiety, living in a manner of calmness and ease.Hypnosis for self confidence

hypnosis for weight lossHypnosis is the use of your Subconscious mind to bypass your internal critic- the conscious mind who is telling you all the reasons why you can’t change. 

Our programs are specially recorded using the latest technology to allow you to access the incredible focus of your mind through the use of your imagination. This powerful shift allows you to access an equally valid truth about yourself that works in sync with deep relaxation for incredibly quick changes. You choose to allow yourself to go into the state of hypnosis. 

When you remove the mind/ego’s need for control you allow access to the incredible intelligence already in you–without the conscious limits previously controlling your life- you leave behind the fear, the anxiety, and the hard work, and become aware of your inner truth, a truth that is more powerful than your present experience. You create a new reality with fast, easy change by eliminating the conscious mind and focusing upon the details you desire in your life. We are so sure our programs will help you that we issue our clients an unconditional 90-day guarantee!

satisfaction guarenteed

We work with clients and teach other professionals the very latest techniques in hypnosis.  For many clients, Alpha waves are important; others may respond better to Theta or Delta waves. You get programs that integrate the most current research and training–the very best available to help you to achieve the balance you deserve!Rebalancing with hypnosis With no risk

It’s important to know that we are experienced through our practice, have advanced degrees in psychology, and make extensive use of positive psychology. We know hypnosis inside and out.  We have a deep understanding of behavioral psychology (Don is also certified as a school psychologist and Nicole is pursuing another advanced degree in marriage and family relationships), and becuase of that trust,  you can feel the powerful effect of hypnosis more powerfully as you, the subject, believes in the hypnotherapist. Without that trust, hypnosis is useless! That’s why it’s important for you to know that working with us, the intensive graduate psychology programs we completed are fully academically accredited- not some credit-card based, phony, through-the-mail “Ph.D. in Mind Mastery” or “Director of Uncommon Knowedge” as others try to sell you.

It takes years of experience in hypnosis, combined with research in psychology, to create these fast acting programs. These program help you meet the life challenges you face daily. You will move beyond what you now believe is possible. Take a look at our programs page to find a program, or use our contact form to create the ultimate customized session! 

InSync HypnosisFor some people, the word hypnosis conjures up many false beliefs for some people. Take a look at the picture to the left- does the picture represent your fears about hypnosis? In reality, hypnosis is simply a state of mind that removes conscious criticism from your process. You are in control at all times. You will learn how hypnosis helps both yourself and others, removing previously limiting myths about hypnosis–like mind-control. In fact our website has scientific research about hypnosis that you can read for yourself.brain wave entrainment

So, what can hypnosis be used for? Hypnosis and brainwave entrainment get rid of the garbage you are subjected to daily.

Think about this:  Have you experienced any activity where time seems to stop? Where you are so involved that worries and stress are no longer dominant in your mind? If so, then you have experienced a state of hypnosis. This phase of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation has been found to be up to three times more restorative then regular sleep! The words used within your mind paints a picture that will fill up with your details (which will be different from someone else’s). This is how your mind paints pictures that have important meanings to your subconscious.

Brain Wave EntrainmentUsing our hypnosis products produces the same result—that’s what we are trained to do! Helping you to use your imagination in combination with your subconscious to create a new way of doing things without the limitations you place on yourself with your conscious mind. These exercises, done with effortless focus, will allow you to notice calm, pleasing and new sensations within your own body. This powerful shift allows you to reliably control what you focus upon and where you place your attention. This manifests in a newfound freedom of being able to choose to think about anything as you simply relax, rest, and rebuild.brain wave entrainment

This state of deep relaxation is always available to you and yet we don’t know how to connect ourself to it. This state of relaxation can be induced many ways. One way is by remembering times when you are in this relaxed state. Additionally, by listening in a soothing, relaxed, and comforting way your subconscious picks up the message that it is equated with, which is to relax and enjoy.

In psychology research and studies of hypnosis you will see examples of “nominalizations.” Nominalizations are adjectives or verbs that are converted into nouns. For example, assertive can be turned into assertiveness, confident into confidence. These words are hypnotic and they have different meanings for each person. Your subconscious creates powerful connections in meanings that are specific to you. This is one of the most important features of hypnosis! As you allow yourself to use this for yourself, you begin to tap into an incredible source of power. Your journey inward removes conscious judgment, criticism, and evaluation allowing you to access your powerful truth and your authentic experience.

Customized hypnosis programs move your development into the Supercharged State

As with all hypnosis, the choice of words and the pacing of the words as they are spoken are very important. We use safe and powerful words to create an experience of safety and comfort and, in turn, you get much quicker access to your internal strength. Because of this, you are able to relax even more deeply. By this comforting, slow, gentle, and safe experience you (and your clients if you’re a professional) will be able to benefit from hypnosis immediately. How much do you think your life would change if you experienced a mind-set of abundance, confidence, and/or peace? You bet it would. Better relationships-check. Better career-check. Better health-check. The list of benefits to you is endless. And, how can you more easily achieve this? With our programs!

centerpoint abundanceThe correct use of language and hypnosis is second only to establishing and maintaining a safe environment. Within the Nenninger System, language patterns are specific and precise. Words help create an environment that is conducive for the hypnosis session. The tone of the words, the inflection of the words, and the choice of the words when combined are important, and when spoken in a normal and relaxed pace, they encourage the state of hypnosis. Remember, hypnosis is not the stereotype of some guru on stage saying, “Look into my eyes. You are getting veeerrrry sleepy.” People react to this in a negative fashion. Nobody wants to be told what to do, and that kind of language is not used, not natural, and not subtle. Using carefully constructed language, with grace and elegance, provides a much more powerful impact contained in its subtlety and nuance.

Remember, our goal is to create a safe environment by our actions, words, thoughts, and beliefs. We establish this format and embed this information into our programs with the technology of Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE) so positive suggestions are accepted more quickly and more fully. This allows your subconscious to get to work finding new ways, creative ways, and empowering ways to address the issues known to your conscious as concerns.

Rebalancing with hypnosisHow to deal with conscious resistance and open yourself up to new, powerful subconscious beliefs.

Some people will feel initial resistance to the practice of hypnosis. Unfortunately, for many people, the conscious mind has become a vindictive judge and jury, overwhelming your subconscious’s power and intuition to keep you STUCK! You can choose to move beyond your conscious mind by going through the first few sessions and checking in with your results.  For those still hesitant and who consciously resist the idea that your current behaviors are responding out of old programming, understand that your subconscious mind believes what you feed it. So let’s put great stuff in there!

Many so-called hypnosis “guru’s” try tell you that all you have to do is repeat positive ideas to yourself for things to improve, manifest, or to create abundance! This is nonsense! It doesn’t work and the extensive research literature details the reasons why.

You can use self-hypnosis to achieve a specific goal but remember, using hypnosis successfully is not accomplished with a bulldozer. Hypnosis is a subtle and nuanced skill designed to bring out the very best already within each individual. To achieve these incredible results, is a craft that combines gentle and focused communication along with reinforcing beliefs which are positive and life-affirming. If you listen to any of the downloads available here, you will experience a calming sensation, a peaceful sensation, and you will leave the judgments and evaluations of your conscious mind behind. This will finally allow access to access the incredible resources already within you. This interaction of communication and calm relaxation describes hypnosis completely.

Every hypnosis download is worked on by hypnotherapists with a Masters Degree in Psychology

satisfaction guarenteed

Your team at InSync hypnosis integrates an approach that moves light years beyond traditional hypnosis. We have spent years working with the latest research to integrate Brain Wave Entrainment, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and much more. Our programs move beyond traditional hypnosis with the very latest research. Our founders Don Nenninger and Nicole Nenninger have multiple advanced degrees in psychology and work with clients world-wide with these programs recorded in a professional state-of-the-art sound studio and delivered to you immediately. You can “fast forward” your progress and if for any reason in the first 90 days you don’t see improvement in your life, contact us for a refund! We take all the risk and you get to change your life!

You can be completely confident that you are using cutting edge technology with educated and trained professionals. You’re getting the best programs available!